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ion, a Washing

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk in 2012. — AP
PORTUGAL and Real Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed yesterday he has broken up with his longtime girlfriend Danny Drinkwater Jersey , Russian model Irina Shayk.

“After dating for five years, my relationship with Irina Shayk has come to an end,” Ronaldo said in statement.

“We believed it would be best for both of us to take this step now,” he added.

Ronaldo said he was making the statement to end speculation about their relationship and to end recent rumors. He did not specify the rumors, but media in Portugal reported that Shayk fell out with members of Ronaldo’s family and that he was seeing another woman.

“I wish Irina the greatest happiness,” Ronaldo said.

The couple, both 29, were not believed to be living together, as Ronaldo was based in the Spanish capital while Shayk traveled extensively.

Ronaldo recently picked up the Ballon d’Or after being voted the world’s best player, but Shayk did not accompany him to the ceremony in Zurich.

Ronaldo retained football’s highest individual honor after scoring 61 goals last year. His record tally of 17 in a Champions League season helped Madrid win an unprecedented 10th European Cup title.

Born on the island of Madeira, Ronaldo played for Sporting Lisbon before moving to Manchester United in 2003. He transferred to Real Madrid in 2009.

Ronaldo has a 4-year-old son, Cristiano Junior, but he has never disclosed the mother’s identity.

People spend so much money and time on designing a bathroom of their dream, but one thing which can be easily unnoticed is the shower head. A decent shower head is of greatest importance to a relaxed shower. Most of the shower fittings are available in stainless steel or chrome, but you can even select from brushed nickel, white, or even oiled bronze, depend on the look you want for your bathroom.

With a range of shower head options in the market, you will require to make your selection based on the size of the gap in the shower, budget and taste you have thought for the head. The only thing you can do is discover what your options are and then chose the one you feel will offer you the wonderful experience you are searching for in the bathroom. Wall mounted heads and Hand-held models are few of the choices you have. Best Shower Head is always relaxing and enjoyable, particularly when you have purchased the finest shower head for your desires.

At the moment rain shower heads are extremely popular and you don't have to be doing a full bathroom transformation to replace the shower head in your bathroom, nor do you have to spend much. But, if you are redecorating your bathroom, or at least renewing the fixtures and hardware, there are quite a few uncommon rain shower units to select from, varying in cost from a simple chrome unit for around 30 dollars to a very classy stainless steel piece for around 1500 dollars. The cost of the head is for that reason something to think about. You don't wish to purchase the most stylish fitting available and then have to spend on other fittings unless you are extremely careful, mixing costly with inexpensive can be a debacle in the end product.

Best Shower Head with good brand usually has a fine metal plating. Even though over a period of time there will yet be rusting, the benefit of a top brand is that it can turn sparkly again by polishing with cloth lightly. The other vital character of a great product is that the water holes must not be simply fixed. It is tough for a normal buyer to observe the distinction and the qualities of various heads. There are numerous duplicate and fake pirate products manufactured in nations like Indonesia and China.

Best Shower Head must be fitted at a normal height 300mm upper than the user. If there are numerous users with very diverse height, then you should need to fit a modifiable holder. The water pressure is key, as well. Generally talking, around 1.5kg pressure is the best. Too much pressure would harm the tap, whereas pressure too low cannot make things work properly.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said Friday that China's near-term economic outlook is positive, with an expected growth rate as high as 6.6 percent this year.

"Many countries could only dream of achieving growth rates that China has and is likely to achieve, which also reflects positively on the reforms that Chinese policymakers have undertaken," said James Daniel, the IMF mission chief for China.

He made the remark on Friday as the financial institution released a report concluding its annual economic health check on the Chinese economy.


Daniel praised the achievements China has made in its economic transition, which the IMF expects will continue and benefit the global economy.

Among them, China's current account surplus now accounts for 2-3 percent of China's gross domestic product (GDP), down from a peak of 10 percent. In addition, the income-labor ratio has improved while energy consumption per unit of GDP fell.

Remarkable progress has been made in adjusting the growth pattern, enabling a growing importance of services relative to industry, and consumption relative to investment.

According to the IMF report, China's internal and external imbalance is expected to fall gradually due to aging and a stronger social safety net. Household consumption is expected to continue to pick up on the back of falling household savings and rising disposable income.

China's strong growth, despite a slowed investment, was achieved thanks to increasing consumption, said David Dollar, a senior research fellow at the Brookings Institution, a Washington-based think tank, and a former official of the World Bank.

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