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. If the sky is dark blue, th

A crowd of people, full of streets, noisy. Diverted at the mouth of the road, I don��t know where to go. I am in a hurry, this is the familiar road, the end point is the cram school. The head leaned against the windowpane, some faint, could not help but look up, into the eyes, bright days, and a few thin clouds. Turning his head, said: "Mom, today's innocent beauty." Mom focused on driving, back, "Oh? Did you find out? This day, blue for a long time??" floated a smile Carton Of Cigarettes. It turned out that I have been there for a long time and I have not looked up. Only concerned about the road under the feet. Continue to lean against the window and admire the cloud. Why, the cloud, like a crowd, quickly, running in the same direction? The clouds in my heart are leisurely, floating, and sighing. The cloud in front of us seems to be invaded by people, and the competition has changed the laziness of the past. I don't know, where are they going? Does the cloud have a world of its own? There are also companies and schools? I still remember the article of the cloud I wrote before, and I remember the cloud that accompanied me in the country when I was young. At that time, the cloud did not contend, and it was always idle. From the side of the sky to the other side, it seemed as if you had to walk the whole day Marlboro Red, so you walked slowly. At that time, the cloud was not in a hurry, it was always slow, and the people on the ground lay down, watching the clouds, the heart would be quiet, and the whole tight body and mind would be relaxed. At that time, Yun also tried his best to play the magician in the hearts of the children, and turned out the fauna of the animals, the blossoming flowers, and the little daydreams. At that time, the favorite is the dusk cloud, multicolored, just feel beautiful, that a large piece of red, purple, orange, yellow, reflecting a tender smile. At that time, the most mysterious, so that the clouds in the middle of the night, lined with the lights on the ground, the moonlight in the sky, can always show different colors. If the sky is dark blue, the cloud is the sky blue, if the sky is purple, the cloud is pale purple, if The sky is dark green, the cloud is green, quietly undulating, just like breathing. But nowadays, there is no more elegance of "the lonely cloud alone", just to go around, hitting it aimlessly, like a headless fly. This is humanity. The way of people is to go by themselves Marlboro Lights. The cloud has no idea, but only from the "high IQ" under them. I want to be a cloud, not a person. I want to be the cloud of the past, not the present. Closed his eyes, want to be a cloud?? The body is light and fluttering, the hair is fierce and restless, a touch of softness, touched me, blinked, is the cloud. Knowing that the cloud is moisture, it is non-tactile, still believe in this true dream. Cloud, cute, squinting, said something to me. Listen, the monologue of the cloud: "I love this world, I love this movie, but I love it more than a leisurely and quiet life. Now, the heat is rising, attacking us, driving us forward, ending Peace. We can't see the beauty of the past. Every time I look forward to the blink of an eye, I still see the high buildings in the gray. The wind whistling, can't make us the secret magic that belongs to us, we are blown away. The cloud in front of my eyes is not driving. I am glaring at me: "Hey, don't get off the bus soon? Come on, hey, I don't know what to do?" I smiled apologetically, got off the bus, looked up again: that me. Where is the date with the cloud?

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Re: . If the sky is dark blue, th

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