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Technocom Email Extractor Outlook

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Email Extractor Outlook extract email addresses from Outlook and PST files.[/center]

It extracts email addresses from mail folders such as (INBOX, SENT ITEMS, DRAFT, CONTACTS, DELETED ITEMS, and all available emails folder.) including multiple recipients,senders, cc, bcc, to etc. Email extractor Outlook can add many PST files for extracting emails and includes function for chag Profile directly from Email extractor Outlook. Email extractor Outlook includes options for remove duplicates so that it automatically remove duplicate emails. The tool also allows the users to add a number of .PST files in addition to the default files to specifically selected accounts and profiles to extract email ids from them. The Email Extractor Outlook helps the users to create their email list in minutes. It has very extremely user friendly interface that makes the work very easy to user.        It provides many options for searching email addresses so that you get a list of fresh emails list those you actually need instead of all available emails. Extracted email addresses can be saved in many file formats such as .CSV (Opens in EXCEL), Tab delimited and .TXT files.

Email Extractor Outlook Software can extract emails from outlook.

Outlook Email Extractor Software can extract email from PST files.

Email Extractor Outlook Tool save Emails in TXT/CSV Files.

Outlook Email Extractor is user friendly and easy to use.

Best for online marketing.

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.







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