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Learn The Most Fundamental Weight Lifting Exercises

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With the amount of workouts that can be performed when weight training, it can seem difficult to really zone in on what key foundational exercises are that actually build muscle.[/center]

What you'll learn

The Most Important Weight Lifting Workouts

How to Properly Perform Exercises Using The Right Form

Workouts Designed To Help You Build Muscle and Burn Fat

Fundamental Workouts For Every Body Part

Instructional Video Demos For Key Workouts

Complete Workout Guide Book (With Over 100 Workouts)

How to Avoid Injury Using Proper Form

Example Workout Schedule (Complete With Sets & Reps)

New Workout Templates (3 New Workout Templates Updated Every Month)

Workout Template with Workouts

Workout Template with Workouts (For Personal Trainers to Give to Clients)


Ability to Learn


   There are a lot of workouts you can perform when you are at the gym.  Whether you are a bner and are unsure what types of exercises to perform at the gym and are looking for guidance for key workouts to start with.  Or you are advanced but are looking for a database of new workouts to add to your routine, this course will guide you in the right direction and/or a new direction to bring understanding and value to your training! In addition to workout guides, you will also recieve new workout templates every month.  This means you will have a workouts organized in a template to follow, so you don't have to lift a finger until you get to the gym! Just simply follow the workouts from the template your given.  Also if you are a personal trainer or health professional looking for workout templates this is great for you too because it means your workout programming will be done for you.  I will be attaching workout templates (without my face) so that you can simply  and give to your clients.   I will also be uplopading 3 new workout templates every month a long with new course material once in a while. This course includes video demos of foundational exercises, along with a Book in the form of a PDF with over 100 workouts you can learn to take your training to the next level.  In addition, you will get one on one support and guidance from me regarding your workout strategy.  Anything you need you can message me directly through this platform.   

Who this course is for:

Bners looking to learn weight lifting exercises using correct form

Intermediate and advanced weight lifters looking for new exercises to add to their routine

Personal trainers looking for a database of over 100 workout options for their clients

Anyone looking for workouts designed to burn fat and put on muscle







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