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There is a blind

There is a blind propaganda team in Zuoquan County Cheap Marlboro 100S Cigarettes, Shanxi Province. They are a group of blind people who are blind and blind, but all have stunts, singing, reading, playing and sitting. For 70 years, they have been wandering in 1,700 villages in the surrounding Dabie Mountains, selling and singing for a living, and living and dying. They have been a group of people who are not purely eroded by materialism, fame and fortune. Their requirements for life are very simple, as long as there is food to eat, sleepy, there is a way to go. They live happily and happy every day. One of them called the old quail egg said: "There is no eye, the heart is bright, this sentence deeply shocked me, directly provoked my brain nerve. Make me realize, just a few words Cheap Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping, Interpretation of his understanding and understanding of happiness. What is happiness? Happiness lies in your understanding of the world, and the goals you want to achieve. Everyone has a different understanding of happiness, because what you want to achieve in your own mind The goals are not the same. But there is no one who lives in their pure land. The pure land is not polluted, there is no comparison, no fame and fortune, no money, it is a paradise, but the paradise is invading, corroding and interfering with the outside world. The less we are in this materialistic society, how many people are not influenced by the secular vision, the trend of the times, and not by material, fame, and money. So now people will feel more and more tired and pressure. This kind of pressure has the outside world, and its own mobile phone should be an ordinary electronic product for us. Whoever leaves it is a bit overwhelmed, and the update is fast, but In order to have a face in front of people, in order to have a sense of superiority in front of friends, I will spend a lot of money to buy an Apple mobile phone, and come out with a new one, even if the previous mobile phone is intact, even if my salary is not enough to pay for the mobile phone. The price is unambiguous in my heart. I don��t bother to support the so-called poor face Cigarettes For Sale Wholesale. In fact, the car is just a means of transportation for us. We could have chosen according to the economic situation, family conditions and needs of the family. It is good for you. In reality, there are many people who want to show off in front of people. In order to show off in front of people, there is no need for this, and there is no such strength. We must choose high-end atmosphere Cheap Smokes Online Free Shipping, some are not rushing, BMW can��t. Tired, my heart is tired. I don't know if this is human progress or human sorrow. We have not advocated the virtues of simplicity, frugality and hard work for five thousand years. In today's high-speed development of modern civilization, technology is more and more The progress is coming, the civilization is running the opposite direction, and it is getting away from us. When the material culture is getting richer and richer Are we also enriching our spiritual world? In the spiritual world of the poor ridges, we also plant a sea of ??flowers, and also add a little color, so that our spiritual world is also colorful, so that material and spiritual civilizations go hand in hand with us. Hurry up and put away your face, unload your own disguise, enjoy life with ease and enjoyment, don't have to carry heavy and tired, because people are too short in life, we don't wait until we are old enough to wake up. We have to be like no Like the eyes, "The eyes are gone, but the heart is bright." It is because they live in the "Xanadu" to see life more clearly and more thoroughly Lights Cigarette.

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