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In the afternoon

In the afternoon of the New Year's Day this year, the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful. Before I went to Heyang Square with my father and mother to Heyang Square, there were so many people, and there were so many people to eat. There are many toys and small animals on the lap, and there is a cute little white rabbit. I like it very much. I ask my father and mother to buy some circles, let me try my luck Online Cigarettes. Dad bought me 5 circles. I like bunny, so I want to set the bunny. I held a circle in my right hand, my front legs were squatting, my hind legs were bowed, my body was looking forward, and the arm of the circle was stretched as far as possible, aiming at the little rabbit and throwing the circle. "Dangdang", the circle fell on the cage with the bunny, "circle, go to the point of falling!" I shouted in my heart. But the circle bounced on the cage and landed on the ground. "I set up the posture again and prepared for the second attack. The goal is still the white rabbit Cigarettes Online. I leaned forward and leaned forward, aiming forward. The bunny's cage, throwing the second circle, clearly thrown at the cage of the bunny, but the circle is behind the cage, and I have set the posture again. This time my goal is still small. Rabbit. I set the posture like I just did, aiming at the cage with the bunny, I was about to throw it. Suddenly, a firecracker sounded, I was shocked, and the hand holding the circle accidentally let go. "Hey! This is bad, and it must be defeated." Who knows that the circle is accidentally hit, and it is placed in the cage of a small hamster. Although it is not the white rabbit I want most, it is also an unexpected surprise. I am very happy, although the next few laps have no gains, my circle has just been set, and I came to a 20-year-old big brother. He bought a lot of circles, and he tried to try his hand. I also However, he polished all the circles and did not set a prize Marlboro Lights. He was not willing, bought and set In the end, there was nothing in the winter vacation. Composition 800 words: leaving the ring booth Children, we walked into Heyang Square with people. I walked and said happily: "I am so lucky today, I have a small hamster in 5 circles. "Dad said: "The Chinese New Year is a few. It was originally a play Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Don't be too concerned about the prizes like that big brother. Otherwise, you might have liked 'children' like him, and didn't set up a 'wolf'. Big New Year's, more influence mood! "I nodded and thought that Dad was right. I thought: In the future, whether it is a Chinese New Year's lap, or a tempting "circle", I will be at the beginning of this windy day. An experience will leave a lasting recollection and a lifetime revelation in my mind.

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Re: In the afternoon

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Re: In the afternoon

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