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<p>Poe took the direct snap and actually started to run toward the line of scrimmage, as if he were simply going to try to power the ball over the goal line. But as he approached the line of scrimmage, he stopped and suddenly jumped in the air, tossing the ball to Harris.</p>
<p>NFL playoff picture: Seeds, standings and division titles on the line in Week 16</p>
<p>"There was time on the clock, and they were close enough to score a touchdown ... it's football,'' said Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib. "When they get inside the 10, they're going to go with some crazy kind of formation, crazy plays. This time, they had a D-tackle pass for us.''</p>
<p>While the possibility of two home playoff games (if the Patriots were to lose), is ideal, especially when your home is as disruptive to opponents as Arrowhead, the Chiefs have a swagger that makes them dangerous in any locale. They have no gaping deficiencies. The rest of the AFC better watch out.</p>
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<p>Your browser does not support iframes.Your browser does not support iframes.</p>
<p>Derek Carr&#x27;s broken leg spells certain end to Raiders&#x27; Super Bowl hopes</p>
<p>Kelce and Hills megaplays highlighted what was truly a team effort. Except for one first-half miscue that led to an interception, Alex Smith fell somewhere between premiere game manager and playmaker. The offensive line did its job and them some. Smith was sacked six times in the Week 12 version of this series; Sunday he was untouched. Spencer Ware ran well to the tune of 62 yards on 13 carries. Both the defense and special teams were opportunistic and missed few tackles. Heck, even nose tackle Dontari Poe got in on the action, throwing a fat guy touchdown to tight end Demetrius Harris late in the fourth quarter. Andy Reids creative playcalling, as it did Sunday, rounds out what is truly a thriving and complete squad.</p>
<p>Reid said he ran the play because he was simply trying to score as many points as possible.</p>Wholesale Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys
<p>"I'm happy for the big guy,'' Miller said. "The loss is unfortunate ... they were up, they had the opportunity to score a touchdown. If the joystick was in my hand, I probably would have done it the same way. It's all good, and we'll see those guys two times next year.''</p>
<p>View photosKansas Citys Travis Kelce gained 160 yards against Denver. (AP)MoreThat was one for the ages, Travis Kelce told NBCs Michelle Tafoya after the game. He might be the first 300-plus guy to throw a touchdown in the league. That was pretty fun.</p>
<p>Conversely the Broncos season will sputter to a close next week. There will be no confetti showers in February as this loss eliminated them from postseason contention. The Broncos, who have now lost four out of their last five, will end a disappointing season with myriad questions, most notably what to do under center. (Common thought is that the solutions name rhymes with Coney Domo and it is assumed he likes ribs.)</p>
<p>Meanwhile, the Chiefs did well when putting the ball in the hands of Kelce or rookie Tyreek Hill, who combined for 255 of the teams 484 yards from scrimmage; they also did well against one of the leagues best defenses on third down, converting 9 of 17 chances.</p>cheap hockey jerseys
<p>The downtrodden Broncos have one more week to go before the adjustments begin, and as fate would have it they are central to the Chiefs next order of business: trying to win the AFC West.&nbsp; The Oakland Raiders (123) currently lead the Chiefs (114) by a game but Derek Carrs devastating fibula injury leaves them a lot more susceptible to next weeks opponent: the Broncos. Meanwhile, Kansas City travels to San Diego to take on the woeful Chargers. Assuming they win, the AFC West will come down to whether Matt McGloin is ready for the spotlight against a Broncos team that may give some of its starters the afternoon off.</p>
<p>Kelce is right, according to ESPN Stats &amp; Info.&nbsp;Poe is the heaviest player to throw a touchdown pass in NFL history.</p>
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