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Robber forces terrified woman to floor as three men raid jewellery sho

Robber forces terrified woman to floor as three men raid jewellery shop

A terrified Cheap Jewelry Sites shop worker was forced to the floor during a daylight raid in London.The woman manages to escape while the three men ransack the store in Green Lanes, Haringey.

One of the men removes his disguise during the incident and at one point stares directly at the store's security camera.CCTV footage released by the police shows a man in blue puffer jacket walking into the shop on April 15.

He hands the female shopkeeper a ring for price valuation and as she is examining the item, he puts a glove on his hand and jumps over the counter and attacks her.The victim is forced into a headlock and dragged to the ground.Two other men forced entry through the door and began stealing trays of jewellery from the display cabinets.

The woman was lucky to make an escape and ran towards the rear of the shop as the gang ransacked the shop.The group was seemingly unable to determine that the trigger switch for the door had to be activated for them to leave.In desperation, they used brute force to attempt to break open the front door however were unable to do so.
The first man escaped with the door closing immediately behind him, leaving his two accomplices trapped.

The second had to take off his sunglasses to find the switch and was eventually able to exit through the door.The third  can be seen running around the shop several times in a frenzied bid to escape and discarded a tray of jewellery on the floor.According to the police, the third man fled the shop when a member of the public opened the door without realising there was a robbery in progress.The victim told the officers she sustained a considerable amount of pain on her head from being forced to the ground.

Detective Inspector Paul Ridley, from North Area CID, said: "The robbers can be observed loitering outside and they deliberately targeted the lone female employee, chasing and forcing her to the ground in an incident that has left her terrified.

"Although this was a planned commercial robbery, these suspects were haphazard and disorganised in their approach and very fortunate to make good their escape as is clearly evident from the CCTV footage.

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