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Dell is transforming motherboards into jewellery

Dell is transforming motherboards into jewellery

Dell computers have announced that they’re launching an exclusive, limited edition Cheap Jewelry Websites line, created from recycled motherboards.

They’ve joined forces with Twilight actress Nikki Reed, with 14-18 carat gold rings, earrings and cufflinks being available as part of the collection. This latest news comes as part of series of actions taken by Dell to help pollution and climate change.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has stated that approximately $60 million worth of gold and silver is wasted each year with, only 12.5% of e-waste being recycled.

The jewellery, designed by actress Nikki Reed, will have a circular theme running throughout- referencing their new ‘closed-loop system’. Becoming more productive and environmentally considerate as a business means they have leftover materials, so they decided to get creative.

As of now, the collection is available for pre-order, with prices ranging from $78 to $348.

“Many of you have asked so I want to talk openly about why these are priced lower than most pieces you would find with gold/opals/diamonds. We chose to price them this way because we chose education and mission over profit.”

“We want to shatter the misconception that recycled materials are of “lesser value”, and while it may seem counterintuitive to then price them lower, we felt it was the best way to introduce something that had never been done before so everyone can see the quality is exactly the same.” Reed stated about the collection in a recent Instagram post.

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