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Great interview. Interesting scenery.”

Oklahoma City was built this offseason around three All-Stars with the hopes of contending for the Western Conference crown.

The Utah Jazz started the year 18-26 without center Rudy Gobert. But Gobert returned and the Jazz rolled off 11 straight wins into Valentine’s Day with the help of a surprise rookie of the year contender.

One more win and the Jazz will reach the second round for the second straight year. They’ll send the Thunder home with a second straight first-round exit — despite Oklahoma City’s overhauled Shaun Alexander Jersey , star-studded roster.

After losing the first game on the road, Utah won decisively in each of the past three games, including a 17-point victory in Game 4 — a game the Thunder called a must-win in Salt Lake City.

“It’s the playoffs, it’s gonna be war,” Utah point guard Ricky Rubio, who had a triple-double in Game 3, told the Salt Lake Tribune after Utah’s 113-96 victory in Game 4. “We know that it’s gonna be another war next game. We just have to be tough but at the same time, mentally ready for that.”

Game 5 is set for 9:30 p.m. EST Wednesday at Chesapeake Energy Arena.

Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell, who averaged 20 points per game during the regular season, has averaged 27.6 points during the past three games — taking his play to another level to lead a balanced Jazz attack that has five players averaging in double figures. Mitchell, who was the 13th overall pick in last year’s draft, has scored 110 points through the first four games, the most by a rookie in his first four games since Michael Jordan’s 117 in 1985 Joe Montana Jersey , according to

“To be honest, a lot of this is surreal. I’m just taking it game-by-game and not really getting caught up in the big picture,” Mitchell told the Salt Lake City Tribune. “Just focusing on game-by-game. My teammates have helped me out a lot as far as that goes. But we’re playing together.”

Oklahoma City point guard Russell Westbrook picked up four fouls before halftime in Game 4 and was fined $10,000 for an altercation with Gobert late in the game. Luckily for the Thunder, he was not suspended following his altercation with the Utah center.

Westbrook’s foul trouble has hardly been the Thunder’s biggest issue.

Oklahoma City was inconsistent much of the year, but it has had to contend with shooting woes from offseason acquisition Carmelo Anthony, who has hit just 25 percent of his 3-pointers in the first four games of the playoffs.

“We gotta win, nothing to it,” Anthony said after the Game 4 loss. “We’ve just gotta win. We can sit here and say what we gotta do, or what we didn’t do or what we did do, but it comes down to having the will to win that game Wednesday and forcing a Game 6 back in Utah.”

Winning in Utah won’t to be easy, where the Jazz have won six straight. Oklahoma City has to get back to Salt Lake City first and stave off elimination. But Utah hasn’t lost three straight games since Gobert’s return to the lineup in mid-January.

“Every game’s been physical,” Gobert said to reporters. “We just got to watch the tape Jahleel Addae Jersey , see how much better we can get and get ready to play basketball.”

Our friend and future full-time colleague Peter King has compiled his last, and arguably his best, column for’s MMQB. We highly recommend stopping everything you’re doing and taking 30 minutes or so to soak it in.

This edition of King’s weekly cornucopia has extra corn and even more ucopia, with plenty of anecdotes from decades of devotion to the greatest sport on earth. Read it. Savor it. It’s a masterwork and a football history course all in one, something from which his passion and appreciation readily flows.

Here’s one highlight (but, again, read it all):聽“Thank you, Michael Irvin. ‘We鈥檙e playing in a Sports Illustrated game!’ he shouted when I showed up in Texas during the week of a big game in 1991, when the Cowboys started to get good. That Friday afternoon, Irvin said he鈥檇 sit for an interview with me, but not at Valley Ranch. We got in his car, and he took me to a strip club, where we talked for an hour. Great interview. Interesting scenery.”

And another: “Thank you Roger Craig Jersey , Jimmy Johnson. For a lot of things. He鈥檚 as transparent a coach as I鈥檝e covered in my 29 SI years. The first time we talked extensively, at a seafood place in San Diego in training camp in 1990, Johnson spoke about the pain of his 1-15 rookie season, and he was so candid about how much it sucked that at the end of the evening, perhaps emboldened by four or six Heinekens, he looked me square in the eye and said, ‘Peter, if you f— me with this story, I鈥檒l squash you like a squirrel in the road.'”

And one more, from 2007: “On my Continental puddle-jumper from Newark to Providence last week to do a Patriots story for HBO, the man in front of me passed gas uncontrollably, constantly, and without any shame throughout the flight. After about 15 minutes of this Kenneth Dixon Jersey , the man across the aisle looked at the Wall Street Journal-reading farter and said: ‘Do you think you might be able to control that?’

“‘Control what?’ Mr. Fart said.鈥?#8217;The farting,’ Mr. Across-the-Aisle-But-Speaking-for-Everyone said.聽鈥?#8217;Jesus,’ Mr. Fart said, sounding apologetic. 鈥淚’m sorry.鈥?鈥˙ut he couldn’t stop, and we suffered with the acrid fumes for most of the 47-minute flight.”

The sweet fumes of King’s column at will linger for a while, but then he’ll arrive at NBC in July, where he’ll pick up where he’s leaving off. We can’t wait for that to happen, and we suspect you feel the same way.

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